Our Mission

Making agriculture ready for the future by unleashing the power of Data Analytics and AI

Our vision for the future

Only an optimized business can work sustainably and we want to play an active role in this development: Modern, flexible and direct communication between the players in the produce sector, from production to sale, ensure a target-oriented production. This way, overproduction can be prevented. Younger generations of Farmers and Enterprises are able to produce more sustainable and therefore be part of the sustainable agriculture of the future. We are bringing them closer together on a global scale.

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Our History

Why we started farmerJoe

I grew up in with agriculture and I worked in different parts of the produce sector. I’ve been out to growers, food retailers and as a consultant. This is where I noticed, that the sector is missing the connection between different parts of the supply chain. A lack of communication and misunderstandings often cause problems. Moreover, AI and analytics play a crucial role in enhancing food quality and sustainability, but collaborative success requires all stakeholders of the supply chain to join forces. I therefore wanted to use my experience in trade and agriculture to create a forward-looking platform. The world is becoming more agile and flexible, younger and older generations are working together in companies, workforces are becoming more international. farmerJoe simplifies the communication and cooperation within a company, as well as with colleagues and partners, globally.